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What a wonderful way to show you care! We offer several levels of sponsorships for you to choose from.


Our shelter requires a lot of food, supplies, bedding, medicine and so much more to keep the animals healthy and thriving until they go to their forever homes. Become a South Coast Humane Society sponsor today and you'll have the joy of knowing you are helping the animals who can't help themselves. Your gift is SO important. The dogs and cats, puppies and kittens say "Woof" and "Meow" (translation - THANK YOU!) 

reaching kitty.jpg

Kitty says..I want YOU to be my sponsor!

Kennel cleaning.jpg

Your gift of $10 helps us buy much needed cleaning supplies


Your gift of $25 helps provide formula for 5 puppies or kittens

Grey tabby.jpg

Your gift of $50 helps cover vaccines for new animals entering the shelter

hangin out kitty.jpg

Your gift of $100 helps provide quality food for 10 dogs and cats

adopt me pitt.jpg

Your gift of $150 helps cover medical treatment costs for 5 dogs or cats

dog with paw on cage.jpg

Your gift of $250 or more sponsors programs to find every animal a forever home

Or...choose whatever amount you'd like. All donations go to supporting the animals and saving lives. Your support means so much! Thank you!!

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