Adoption and Foster Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to comply with Covid restrictions, appointments are now required to view animals. Please email us at or call to make an appointment. You can find all our beautiful adoptable animals at Let us know who has won your heart and we'll make an appointment for you to meet your new best friend!  Note: Current covid protocols will be observed while visiting the shelter.

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Click here to view animals available for adoption.

At South Coast Humane we are passionate about finding every animal a loving forever home. Adopting or fostering an animal has so many rewards! Not only are you saving a life, you're helping us make room to save another animal. We like to say that our pets rescue humans! So many people have healed their hearts and improved their lives through pet adoption. Matching hearts with animals is what we do! 

All animals placed for adoption will be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped (dogs), vaccinated, flea treated, de-wormed, and given a health examination. We sometimes have special needs animals that may take a little more care, but are still able to go to loving homes.


It's important to understand the care, financial, and time commitment it takes to adopt an animal. Our adoption and foster screening process helps ensure all animals are placed in an environment where they can thrive and be happy. We offer "sleep-overs" so you can take the animal home for a day or two to make sure all will work out well, and we welcome those who can foster an animal until a loving home can be found. In all cases, rest assured we will always welcome them back if needed.

The Adoption Process:

When you're ready to commit to giving a beautiful animal a forever home, we're here to help you find just the right companion.


Step 1. Visit to view the available animals. Tip: Be sure to also follow our Facebook page for updates on available animals.


Step 2. If one of our adoptable animals has won your heart, please download the application for a Dog or Cat, fill it out and call us to make an appointment. We'll go over your application with you and verify the information to make sure all is in order to adopt. We want our animals to spend as little time as possible in the shelter, so we work hard to process application approvals quickly. Please note that adoption priority is given first to those best qualified. This is to help ensure a great match and you go home with your new best forever friend!  


Step 3. Visit our shelter at your designated appointment time to meet the cat, dog, puppy or kitten that's caught your eye and heart! They often go quickly, but don't despair if your choice is not available. We have many lovable, active and healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home.


      Adoption Fee Schedule

Please note: A deposit equal to the adoption fee applies for all animals not yet spayed or neutered. Once approved, you still get to take your pet home right away, but will be required to bring them back to be spayed or neutered, or provide proof of spay/neutering. Your deposit will be refunded to you once their spay/neuter is complete.

Spayed/Neutered Animals

      Dog/Puppy: $100.00

      Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccinations, Deworming, Flea Treatment 


     Cat/Kitten: $60.00

     Includes Spay/Neuter, FVRCP vaccinations, Deworming, Flea Treatment

                              (combo testing for FELV available for $15.00)

Non Spayed/Neutered Animals - Foster to Adopt Program

      Dog/Puppy: $200.00 ($100 adoption fee + $100 refundable deposit)

      Includes Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Vaccinations, Deworming, Flea Treatment 


      Cat/Kitten: $120.00 ($60 adoption fee + $60 refundable deposit)

      Includes Spay/Neuter, FVRCP vaccinations, Deworming, Flea Treatment

                              (combo testing for FELV available for $15.00)

Senior Animal Adoptions: Ask about our special rates!

If you cannot adopt or foster, but would still like to help, please consider donating or volunteering.