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Spay/Neuter Clinic Instructions and  Protocols
At the Vet
PLEASE NOTE: The Spay/Neuter Clinic has reopened however many appointments are booked well in advance. Please be sure to call ahead for our next available appointment.

To Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment for your cat, dog, puppy or kitten spay or neuter by emailing us at . Animals must be at least 3 months of age. Appointments are required for all patients. A $20 deposit is required at the time you make your appointment which will be applied to your final balance. Your deposit will be returned to you if you cancel at least 2 business days prior to your appointment, otherwise the deposit becomes nonrefundable. Deposits are nonrefundable for animals who are denied surgery during the exam process.

Check-in Time

Check-in time is at 7:30am - 8:30am. If you arrive 30 minutes later than your scheduled drop off time, you will be asked to reschedule for another day and the deposit will be forfeited. Please leave your animals in the safety and comfort of your car until you are checked in with our staff. Dogs and cats who you know as your loving companions can easily be startled and become aggressive around other animals and unfamiliar humans. New places, new sights, new smells and new sounds can be very frightening to even the tamest of animals.  

Check-out Time

Check-out time for patients is between 3:30 and 5:00 pm, depending on the patient load. You will be notified at the time of check-in what the approximate check-out time will be. Please be flexible during those hours and understanding about processing. Please allow approximately 20-30 minutes each for the check-in and check-out process.

Pre and Post Operative Care Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions

Please remove food by 9pm the night before the appointment. They can still have access to water. Cats need to be brought in separate carriers. Please no loose cats or cats brought wrapped in blankets. For your pet’s health and safety, and the health and safety of our staff, hard sided pet carriers work best. Leashes for dogs are fine. If your animal is timid or appears to be nervous around other humans, we may ask you to assist us with your animal’s exam. This is also for the health and safety of your pet and the health and safety of our staff.

Post-Operative Instructions

No running, jumping, playing, swimming, or other strenuous activity for 7-10 days. Keep your pet quiet. Pets must be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry and warm. No baths during the recovery period. Dogs must be walked on a leash and cats kept indoors. Check the incision site twice daily. There should be no drainage. Redness and swelling should be minimal. Do not allow your pet to lick or chew at the incision. If this occurs, an Elizabethan collar MUST be applied to prevent it. You may purchase an E-collar at the clinic for a minimal cost. Appetite should return gradually within 24 hours of surgery. Lethargy lasting more than 24 hours post-op, diarrhea or vomiting are not normal and your pet should be examined. Dogs may have a slight cough for a few days after surgery. Do not change your pet’s diet at this time and do not give junk food, table scraps, milk, or any other people food during the recovery period. This could mask post-surgical complications.


We recommend your pet receive a post-operative examination with your regular veterinarian 7-10 days after surgery. Have the incision checked for complete healing, to remove any skin sutures, and to discuss additional needs for follow-up care. Your pet received a tattoo next to their incision. This tattoo is a scoring process in the skin. IT IS NOT AN EXTRA INCISION.


Any concern should be followed up with your normal veterinarian. There are two resources in Brookings:


Harbor Veterinarian:  (541) 469-7788

Town and Country Animal Hospital: (541) 469-4661


Female Dog Spay  $180 under 50lbs. $220 if 50 lbs or more

Male Dog Neuter $155 under 50lbs. $180 if 50 lbs or more

Female Cat Spay    $115

Male Cat Neuter      $95

Feral Cat Package   $80

An e-collar is necessary for all surgical patients. We provide e-collars here included in the surgery price. 

Research shows pets who receive pain-relief medications after surgery eat sooner and heal faster than those who do not. Included in the spay/neuter fee is a 24 hour post-operative pain injection, however, we do recommend all dogs receive additional post- operative pain medication for days 3 days post-surgery to help reduce the incident of discomfort following their procedure.   As a courtesy to our patients, we include this 3 day pain med for FREE. 

All cats receive an injection that lasts 72 hours after for pain included in the price. 

If  Your Pet Is Pregnant There Will Be A Fee Of $10 For Fluids 

Declined Patient Exam Fee $30

(This fee is assessed when a patient is denied surgery; it covers the cost of our time for the pre-operative exam and helps to recover some of our lost fees due to an unused surgical space).

Declined Patient Anesthesia fee $65

(This fee is assessed when a surgical candidate has been anesthetized and during surgical prep we find the animal is already spayed or neutered or has a condition that the veterinarian deems a denial for continuation with the surgical process.)

Optional Services


  • Leukemia Vaccination for Cats $15

  • Distemper Vaccination for cats    $15

  • Distemper Vaccination for Dogs   $15

  • Bordetella Vaccination for Dogs $15

  • Rabies Vaccination for Cats and Dogs $20

  • Microchip (permanent ID for pets)  $15

  • FeLV/FIV Test for Cats $30

  • Heartworm Test for Dogs $30

  • Roundworm Treatment for Dogs $10/Cats $5

  • Tapeworm Treatment for Dogs $25/Cats $15

  • Topical Flea treatment for Dogs and Cats $10

  • Cat Revolution Plus- Flea/Tick/Roundworm/Hookworm/Ear Mite treatment $

  • Nexgard Flea/Tick Chewable for Dogs price based on weight

  • Bravecto Flea/ Tick Chewable for Dogs price based on weight

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